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Because it doesn't always work out. Business Formation Removal - Immigration Civil Litigation Real Estate

Because it doesn't always work out.

Family breakups can be traumatic. Getting the right legal advice is essential to ease the transition. I assist with Custody, Support, Divorce, Order of Protection, Visitation Rights, Maintenance, among others.

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Business Formation

Incorporating or registering your business, or clever ways of limiting your personal liability against your debtors and improve your ability to obtain better financing, we can help you.

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Removal - Immigration

Being separated from your family can be traumatic and destabilizing, often resulting in tremendous emotional pain and suffering, especially when children are involved. You need the services of experienced immigration lawyers, not only to represent you, but who understands the impact such separation has on both you and your family. The team at Delroy Murray and Associates are the ones to do so.

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Civil Litigation

Any litigation brought against you can severely impact your credit worthiness, especially if damages are entered against you. Call the team at Delroy Murray & Associates if you are being sued or are thinking or suing someone.

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Real Estate

Owning your first home is one of the biggest investments you will ever encounter in your lifetime. Understanding the process from start to finish is essential to avoiding the nightmares you may encounter, if not properly guided from the outset. We at Delroy Murray & Associates will explain in detail all your costs and requirements in not only owning your home, but the procedure in obtaining a loan and closing the deal without headache.

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We are attorneys who practice only in the areas of our competence.

We will not tell you what you want to hear because…

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I would love to…

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A General Practice Attorney with offices in New York and Jamaica.

Delroy Murray is licensed to practice law in both Jamaica and the United States. With his assistance,  it is no longer a requirement for you to travel to either country to have your matter dealt with. You simply make an appointment at one of his offices and he takes care of it. You speak and consult directly with Delroy and not through a third party.  No more hassle in communicating with your attorney. 

 Our aim is to provide our clients with the opportunity to focus only on what is important, while we handle everything that is beyond your control.

Areas of Practice:

Walthamstow College, 1993
University of East London,1996
LL.B., University of East London, 1996
LL.M., University of East London, 2000.

Bar Admissions:

New York 2003
Jamaica 2012

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Why Hire Murray & Associates?

We are attorneys who practice only in the areas of our competency. We will not tell you what you want to hear because it sounds goods. We tell you what is true, irrespective if it means losing you as a client. Our reputation is paramount to our clients, and we will not compromise our reputation […]

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